Our Pastor


Pastor Ray and Mary Selden have been married since 1993 after both graduated from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Even before their marriage, they were heavily involved in in youth ministry in local churches; serving alongside one another and separately.

Ray has been a full time pastor since graduation; always focusing on youth as he received that calling from the Lord when he was 14 years old as a first year leader at Camp Hickory Hill (Varysburg, NY). He always sensed that this calling was to a life of youth ministry.

Mary, a music educator, has been a key co-worker and support to Ray’s ministry through the years. While leaving music teaching to be a stay at home mom, her involvement in ministry has been varied and constant. Specializing in organization and hospitality, Mary has been a faithful worker in each church that Ray has served.

In mid-2013, both Ray & Mary sensed a shift in their hearts regarding continued service in youth ministry. Trying to discern God’s leading, they ventured to Yellowstone on a family vacation, and saw lots of opportunities to develop the vision of a bed & breakfast ministry center (maybe even church plant) out west. Is this what God had been preparing them for?

A planned mission trip to Haiti later that summer changed everything. It was clear within a couple of months of that trip that God had spoken loud and clear … this was where they were going … but only for a time. While they loved serving the people of Haiti, it became apparent that another shift was occurring.

Pastor Ray accepted the call to solo pastor at Clearview in June, 2016 and the family moved there just a few short weeks later. The rest of the story is what is being written in Martinsville. They come to us from the Western New York District of The Wesleyan Church where Ray served Orchard Park Wesleyan Church for 8 years before their time with Global Partners.